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Our Productions Theatre Co. (a d.b.a. of Expressions Performing Arts Inc.)

is a 501 (c) 3 organization.  

Focus on the Future Campaign

Help us meet our goal, and become an Annual Member Donor! Every donation of $25 or more includes an automatic listing as a VIP Member Donor for that calendar year. Our donors sustain our operations, and during this time of global pandemic we need your help now more than ever. Your support makes our work possible.

As we  look back on nearly three decades of work in our community for the performing arts. Each one of you has been a part of this journey as a patron, donor, artist, student, or team member. We are so grateful for the past twenty-nine years and look forward to the future and the years ahead. 


But, as we look forward to the next three decades, we need your help. Covid has decimated our reserves over the past 18+ months. To continue our beautiful programs we have kicked off a special "Focus on the Future" Annual Campaign. We hope you will consider making a donation in any amount to help support our work. A gift of $25 can fund an ad on social media, $150 can support the batteries for microphones for one rehearsal, $300 can help fund a rehearsal pianist for a day, $500 can fund a portion of our Play Readers Festival, $1000 can support a musician for our musical band, $2500 can underwrite our royalty costs for scripts & music, $5000 underwrites our sound design for our spring musical, or $10,000 makes you a true angel for ensuring that an entire night of performance can happen. We are endeavoring to raise enough in funding to see Our Productions Theatre Co. safely into the next three decades of promoting the performing arts. 

A receipt with the tax-deductible amount of your donation will be emailed directly to you at time of donation. Please keep for your tax preparer. Memberships do not roll over and expire on 12/31 of each calendar year.

Contributing in someone's honor? Add their name in the memo field of your donation. 

Did you know you can also set up recurring monthly pledges? Click the 'Donate Here' link above. 

Member Donors are at the HeART of Our Productions

Our V.I.P. Member Donors make our work possible. Renew your contribution level annually (or increase if you can) to support Our Productions. We count on your support to continue our work. Every donation to our little theatre makes a BIG impact. 

Friends ($25 or more)


Producing Patron ($75 or more)

Producing Assistant ($150 or more)

Producing Stage Manager ($250 or more)

Producing Manager ($500 or more)

Producing Director ($1000 or more)

Major Underwriters ($5000 or more)



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